At GOCA families have the opportunity to change their student’s learning mode throughout the year. If parents wish to switch:

From On-Campus to Online

  • Complete Commitment Form (students will not be marked present if the commitment form is not completed)
  • Parent email must be used on the form in order for the request to be approved.
  • Parents or students will need to stop by campus between 7:00am and 3:30pm to pick up a chromebook and a charger, if the option was selected.
  • If the request was submitted within less than 24 hours, please allow for waiting time in the morning, while your chromebook and charger are being retrieved.
  • During this time the student will be able to pick up his/her belongings from the locker if needed.
  • All online students will be expected to attend classes according to their regular school schedule via Please see instructions below on how to log in.
    • - Make sure you are using your school chromebook
    • - Go to
    • - Use your email address (copy paste it, to make sure the spelling is correct):
    • - Click “ I understand”
    • - Scroll all the way down until the button ‘I agree’ lights up blue and click on it.
    • - Set up your 3 security questions.
  • Student must use his/her full name while on Zoom
  • Student must show his/her face for the duration of class. Any logging off or closing the camera will result in the student being marked absent.

From Online to On-Campus

  • Complete Commitment Form.
  • Charger and chromebook must accompany a student the first day back on campus. The charger must be returned to the front office (if applicable).
  • Students will continue using chromebook on campus, but they will not be able to take it home. Students will return their Chromebooks to the computer cart in their 7th period.
  • FACE COVERINGS are required throughout the day, except during lunch and during outside PE.
  • Students will be expected to attend class in person starting the return date entered on the form.
  • IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME   coming on campus, please consider the following:
    • Every student is required to have an ID - your student will be receiving a temporary ID the first week of the new semester, until a permanent one is provided.
    • Every student is required to wear a UNIFORM.  UNIFORMS are available for purchase at the front desk. GOCA is providing a $66 voucher for you towards the purchase of the school UNIFORM if you have not used it yet.
    • There should be no backpacks carried from class to class. Students are now required to use their LOCKER and must pay $5.00 to rent a lock for their locker. All student lockers/locks are issued by the school and are subject to a search by school officials at any time.
      • 2:20pm Sibling bus take all High School Students to our Grizzly Campus
      • 2:35pm - 2:55pm - Car Dismissal
      • 3:00pm - Late Pick Up
      • For more dismissal information please  CLICK HERE .